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Aggressive Driving           click-to-call from the web

In 2011, 39% of all fatal crashes were attributed to aggressive driving behaviors and of those behaviors,  29% were attributed to speeding.

In 2010, of the fatal crashes, 42% were attributed to aggressive driving behaviors and of those behaviors, 33%  were attributed to failure to grant right of way.

TeenSafeLane eliminates anonymity by tracking every aggressive driving event from speeding to aggressive starts and aggressive stops.  It also allows you to view your Teens trends by aggressive behaviors by week and by month.  This allows you and your teen to see if their frequency of aggressive events is going up or down over time and to prompt a discussion. 

If Parents will daily, then weekly reinforce the visibility of trends with encouragement, the risk of anonymity surfacing unexpectedly dissipates.  All without yelling, screaming and relational separation. 

Escalating trends in aggressive stops have been found to be the No 1 predictor of a near-future accident, mostly due to distractions.  WATCH THIS CLOSELY !

Escalating trends in aggressive starts have been found to be a predictor of a person that is putting themselves at risk due to running late for school, appointments or curfews.  Don't let your teen drive home speeding to make curfew.  Let them call before curfew, and receive extra minutes grace.

Escalating trends in speeding are either a training or a rebellion issue.  If training, train them, otherwise, you potential have a problem of lost trust !